Xander Zone can be described the best as a place where together with customers an experience  is created that contributes to transformations, transitions of people and organizations. The main tool is the power of experience and motivation.

He can offer this in different phases which may be needed (or a combination):

  • Inspiration
  • Exploration
  • Innovation
  • Reflection
  • Implementation

“An economy is built by creating informal platforms that are inspiring and positive narrative, so people really stand up. And those platforms exist thanks to the people themselves. ‘Prof. Zef Hemel, Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam

boomXander Beks, the man behind Xander Zone, his passion is to create movement in which the social capital of people is being put to real value. He does this as a social entrepreneur in innovative forms, in coalitions of many parties together based on trust, intrinsically motivated, working from
their talents.

Xander ZONE projects occur at three scales: events, processes, and platforms that operate for the long term. A single event can spark new insights, relationships, and capacities, while a long-term platform can enable new experiments, initiatives, and movements—and ultimately, systemic transformation.


Xander Zone offers:

Social Institutonal Design

Concept development

Festival / event production


Strategic Advise / consultancy

Transitions: Government, Agrifood


(Interim) management, project management, advice




"Feeding the world by harvesting the future"